Wi-Fi Cameras Live Streaming (Android)

An unbelievable project has came to an end. We were given 4 days to write a raspberry pi camera streaming software for Android devices. An Access Point was used to bridge the cameras with the phone.

It was by far the most challenging project I ever had, since I had to deal with Bash, Python, SSH and Java all together. The software is capable of streaming up to 4 cameras at a time. I’ve got to mention, a week ago was the first time I got my hands on this kind of stuff.

I had a lot of pain trying to execute parallel SSH commands through the phone, but python did it’s magic. Getting the streaming to work without any libraries or frameworks was a miracle itself. We were also able to access the recorded media and transfer it back to the phone using a local server.

If we were given more time I’m sure we would accomplish more tasks, but that was the thing about it. Having to learn something entirely new and code it under time pressure.